Explore the Deep South: St John’s

This itinerary is most of the time called ‘the best route along the Egyptian coast’. Starting from Marsa Alam, it goes south along the coast to the vast reef system of Fury Shoal and St John’s, where there are many impressive small reefs offering walls dives, soft corals, fan corals, a large variety of fish and sharks.

Most of the dives will take place around St John’s, famous for its caves and vast collection of small reefs and drop offs offering some of the most remote and rewarding diving in the Red Sea. On our programme: Habili Ali (offering giant gorgonians and black corals whilst Grey Reef, Silvertip and schools of Hammerhead sharks might be found on the west side), Habili Gafaar (a mass of soft corals teaming with shoals of Snappers, Butterfly Fish and Barracudas and Mantas and sharks pasing by), Habili Washour, the Nursery (a complex of caverns) and Gota Kebir (a massive reef, famous for its tunnels and south plateau).

On the way back to Marsa Alam we will not miss the best dives at Fury Shoals (Sha’ab Claude, El Malahi, Shiriniat, Tienstin and Gota Soraya).

Note: This dive cruise should suit most of the divers with a minimum of 40 logged dives. If the weather conditions are favourable, travelling will be done during the day. All dive sites are subject to weather conditions.

Dive sites Explore the Deep South tour

El Malahi

El Malahi (part of Fury Shoals) is a bit like a Disneyland Paradise underwater. Magical, mystical, the most gorgeous coral formations of hard corals, gigantic boulders and swim throughs make this a unique dive site. It has the most gorgeous blue and pink shades of staghorn corals, towering boulders with dramatic formations, with soft pink corals lining the walls. Large groups of banner fish and goatfish congregate in the midst and again, fantastic for photographic opportunities.

Habili Ali

Habili Ali (part of St John’s) offers a steep wall with giant gorgonians, blue stag horns and black corals whilst Grey Reef, Silvertip and schools of Hammerhead sharks might be found on the west side together with huge napoleons and the rare hump head parrotfish. The north side has a lot of caves and overhangs especially between 5-18 metres where there are lots of beautiful soft corals. The south side has a lot of cracks and overhangs, but is much shallower at 5-8 m.

Habili Gafaar

Habili Gafaar (part of St John’s) is a small pinnacle, some 30 to 20m long and oval shaped. Both the north and the south sides have a steep plateau. There are beautiful soft corals teaming with shoals of snappers, butterfly fish and barracudas. Mantas, Grey Reef and Silvertip sharks can be seen in the blue.

Habili Washour

Habili Washour (part of St John's) offers a great drop off where encounters with grey reef sharks, white tip, barracuda, trevally and others are common, especially early in the morning.

Gota Kebir

Gota Kebir (part of St John’s) is a massive reef, famous for its tunnels and south plateau, where jacks and barracudas can be seen and the occasional manta. The tunnels are ideal for novice cave divers. The dive takes you to a wall which drops off to about 20 metres to a plateau followed by another steep drop-off.

Gota Soraya

Gota Soraya (part of Fury Shoals) is rated as possibly one of the best wall dives in the Red Sea, with overwhelming boulders, coral formations, amazing table corals and cracks in the reef wall, full of glass fish and sweepers and an abundance of corals, Grey Reef, Silvertips and Hammerhead sharks.


The nursery (part of John's) offers a fantastic cavern at around 12m, cutting through a large part of the reef. It is reasonably safe during the day as light pretty much shines through in all places. On the bottom you have to look for blue spotted stingrays, as well as baby white tips in small crevices and moray eels. Also look around for sleeping bump-head parrotfish.

Sha’ab Claude (Fury Shoals)

Sha’ab Claude (part of Fury Shoals) is famous for its swim-throughs, cavern and huge pyrite corals. White tip reef sharks and an anemone and clownfish settlement can be seen a little off the reef to the South.


Shiriniat (part of Fury Shoals) gives you an overview of the different kind of fish you may find in the Red Sea, another paradise for photographers.

Tienstin Wreck

The Tienstin is a small Japanese tug boat and is covered with hard and soft corals. Inside she is full of glassfish and a resident red mouth grouper also lives here. The wreck lies at approximately a 45 degree angle with the stern sitting in the sand at the bottom of the reef and the bow rests shallow on the reef top. This is a wreck that is now totally infested with colourful reef life of all kinds.

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