Dear Diver,

Welcome to our website where you can find information about our safari trips, dive sites, boats, our very competitive prices and our schedule.

But before going any further, we would like to inform you about who we are and how we can offer quality trips at low prices.

Who are we?

Marine Scuba Diving is a company which was founded in 1995 as a result of the cooperation between the Egyptian Anwar and the Belgian Koen. Both are dive enthusiasts and instructors.
Anwar lives in Hurghada, has been nearly 20 years active in the tourism sector and knows the Egyptian world of diving by heart. He deals with the contacts/duties with the local government, operational matters and the marketing in Eastern Europe.
Koen lives in Paris and is an international business man. He deals with the financial issues and the marketing in Western Europe.
Together, Anwar and Koen try to combine European quality standards with Egyptian charm, making your Red Sea diving experience as pleasant as possible.

How can we offer high quality standards together with low prices?

Marine Scuba Diving owns two Safari boats and has at the same time the exclusive right to commercialise several other boats.
By offering our boats directly to the end user (mostly diving clubs) we avoid paying expensive commissions to agents.
Another difference with most of our competitors is that we do not rent per person but the boat as a whole (except for the low season or on request). Those prices are ‘all inclusive’.
On demand of a diving club/organisation who wants to charter one of our boats (but not having enough people for one trip), we can put them in contact with other diving clubs (if there is some demand of course).

The 6 safari boats mentioned here are part of our portfolio. On demand, we can make price offers for other boats.

Take the time to surf around and do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question.

Mirette Hotel, Villa n°1
Hurghada, Red Sea

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