Dive Itineraries

Marine Scuba Diving offers a diversity of dive itineraries ranging from the classic northern routes, to the more adventurous southern routes. Above, on request, we can adapt itineraries to the wishes of our client (if booked in advance).

The dive itineraries mentioned below are all for one week (except the ‘Great Cruise’ , which is a 10 or 14-day trip) and can be booked all year round. Groups arrive on Saturday and the boat leaves Saturday afternoon or on Sunday morning (depending on flight hours) and comes back on Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Dive cruises start from Hurghada for the northern itineraries or from Mars Alam (Port Ghaleb) or Hamata for the southern itineraries. If you book a Southern itinerary and you are unable to land in Marsa Alam we will drive you with a bus to the destination (3,5 hours to Port Ghaleb).

Overview of our Dive Cruises

For more information about the dive cruise, just click on the name (in blue)

Dive Cruises starting from Hurghada:

The Classic: Abu Nuhas - Giftun Island - Straits of Gubal - SS Thistlegorm - Ras Mohamed
Wreck-special: Explore the famous wrecks like the Thistlegorm - Ulysses - Rosalie Moeller - Dunraven - - …
Safaga: This cruise passes by Panorama Reef - Middle Reef - Salem Express - Hal Hal and other less known sites
Brothers: Starting from Hurghada, this cruise brings you to the best spots of the Safaga area and Brothers

Dive Cruises starting from Marsa Alam:

Explore the South: All the interesting spots around Marsa Alam
Explore the Deep South: All the interesting spots up to St John’s and further
Brothers: All the Brothers and Elphinstone
Brothers - Daedalus: Elphinstone – Brothers – Daedalus
Rocky - St John’s: Great cruise passing by Elphinstone – Rocky – Zabargad – St John’s
Daedalus – Rocky – St John’s: The marine park cruise: Daedalus – Rocky – Zabargad – St John’s
The Great Cruise (min 10 days): The best of the south: Elphinstone – the Brothers – Daedalus – Rocky – Zabargad – St John’s – Fury Shoals - …

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